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Gabriella Fiorillo

Xanto & Balio (Triptych)

Acrylic fluid art on canvas



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Gabriella Fiorillo

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I am an Interior Designer, I started drawing apartment plans to scale at the age of 9, I am an Illustrator of Children’s Books, I have been responsible for creating illustrations for various newspapers but above all I am an all-round PROFESSIONAL ARTIST for over 40 years, and for many years I have decided to dedicate myself solely and exclusively to FLUID ART.

In this short preface I want to explain how my idea of ​​calling my first collection of paintings with the name “COSMOGONIA” was born.

It all starts while I observe my works, while I pour the acrylic colors onto the canvas, this phase fascinates me, especially the fact of seeing this fluidity as it naturally creates these movements, and I find this extraordinary.

From here, the step was short, I thought about the birth of the cosmos, the creation of these fluid and energy-filled environments, which mark “the Origin of the Universe” take me back to my personality, the constantly evolving being, shaping the material in my way, to make every single painting a unique piece, my cerebral activity comes into play which, combined with the visceral one, is my only modality that explains my creativity.

I have created a series of paintings dedicated to water, particularly to the SEA, it is my key element, for me it is of fundamental importance to live by the sea six months a year, and swim underwater with my eyes open and listen to the noise of water, as well as giving serenity, also stimulates my creativity.

The SEA and the NOISE of the water are a formidable therapy and if combined with the colors they become so powerful together that they raise the frequency of your energy and their power lasts over time. I have also created many paintings of volcanoes, magmatic activity, fire and much more, one more beautiful than the other, each piece is UNIQUE.

If “COLOR” is the master of creativity that helps you understand the distinction between play and work, effort and leisure, education and entertainment, just looking at “MY WORKS” helps you understand what your body needs and your mind. DRAWING is for me like a therapeutic ART, which seals “MY-ART” in every single example.

There are no reproductions. My paintings are not perfect, because to be “SPECIAL” they must not be perfect but rather “UNIQUE”. And every single painting is accompanied by its Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee its uniqueness.