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Gianfranco Taschini

Futuro gay

Collage & oil on canvas



Changed art – Asia Argento in un dipinto di Beckmann

Oil on Canvas



Avidità – Papa Francesco richiama i grandi della terra

Oil on Canvas



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Gianfranco Taschini

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Italian painter specialized in an artistic technique that I have called ‘Changed Art’. My art is based on the transformation of famous everyday objects and works into works of art, creating a dialogue between contemporary art and the real world.

Through the use of of mixed techniques and the combination of materials, I create works that they blend artistic imagery with sensory experience. I was awarded for my art, and my works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

I hope my works can arouse the interest and emotion of the public, leading to reflection on meaning of art and on the relationships between objects, people and spaces.