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Gianluca Chiodi


Olio, Cera su Tela



La sostenibile leggerezza dell’essere

Olio, Cera su Tela



Niente baci sulla bocca

Olio, Cera su Tela



Vanitas seducere

Cera, Inchiostro su Legno



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Gianluca Chiodi

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Gianluca Chiodi, born in 1966 in Italy, grew up between Milan and Reggio Emilia. The passion for photography and the skillful use of light to start working for the advertising world, without neglecting the constant search for new “points of view”, original and introspective (Myopìa). Since 2003, Chiodi has dedicated himself completely to art, always expressing himself with photography but contaminating it with other techniques, including paintings, to progressively arrive at the installation.
Through his work, Chiodi has faced and interpreted very personal and intimate themes such as the human body (Antibody), identity (I’am), being and having (Little Worlds), religion (Saints, sins) and sinners), the deadly sins (Steps and counterpoints), maternity (Matrioske) and sex (Hot skin). Recently Chiodi has left Milan moving into a forest in the splendid setting of Lake Como. The almost total immersion in nature has allowed him to refine his sensitivity towards problems concerning the protection and protection of Planet Earth. His most recent photographic works Orbits and Awakenings 100% Biodegradable are aimed at raising awareness and reflecting on our direct responsibilities on the survival conditions of the species on the Planet.
HEARTH an artist project intended for public spaces and museums that started in 2010 and is constantly evolving is a path of photographs, videos and installations that leads the visitor to directly confront the Planet and his own conscience as a human being is supported and promoted by Plastic Free Onlus and Legambiente.