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Isabella Rodriguez IRod

Norma Jean (Marylin)

Tecnica mista a china



Faye Dunaway – (da una foto di Emilio Lari)

Diigital, acrilico, materico di recupero con vetrificazione



Ambra, oro e granata – Collezione Pietre sottocollezione di dettagli di Spoleto

Mixed media on panel



Mosaic , collezione Vasi antichi d’Oriente

Mixed media & stones on canvas



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Isabella Rodriguez IRod

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Isabella Rodriguez aka IRod. Forerunner in Italy of the country style and subsequently of the shabby chic style.

High school in Trinità dei Monti, not even eighteen years old, she is already in the faculty of architecture and will become an interior decorator, but her first assignments are in the field of Pierre.

At a very young age she collaborated with Fendi and Fiorucci for the stationery lines, subsequently organizing important Gala evenings in the capital, such as the premiere of Liza Minnelli’s concert at the Sistina and the memorable party for the release of the film CottonClub at the Open Gate for Gaumont, guest star of the evening Matt Dillon, also a surprise guest.

At the end of the 90s she convinces the mayor Rutelli to occasionally rent her land in front of the Mosque, which until then had been an illegal landfill. She obtains it, reclaims it, cleans it up and organizes the first Italian Country Style fair there, the Country & Co. village hits the box office at Palaparioli (The area is now home to Aquaniene ed.).

After 8 editions of Country, in the 2000s Isabella returns to her ancient passion and opens a showroom in Fregene with furniture, fabrics, furnishing accessories and gifts in shabby chic style, Shabby House thus dictates the new style, evolution of country.

In 2010 he designed a wonderful Spa in via Margutta, but he didn’t want to talk about it, she loved building it but not managing it… followed by years of reflection and study, of inner listening. At the end of this journey he finds his answer.

It is hidden among the words of an article on Gandhi, who appears in a photo bent over while working on a loom: earthly happiness and balance can only be achieved by committing ourselves until our last day to manual labor, which creates something. This is how, full of energy and inspiration, Isabella finds herself among canvases and brushes creating her evocative art, for which she will slowly develop an innovative and completely original artistic technique, with attention to the environment (she uses products non-toxic and recycled materials such as stones, crystals, natural woods, pieces of glass, ceramics and mirrors). She defines herself as an “artisan”, a term she coined to describe someone who is an artist but also a craftsman. In fact, he works with his hands which paint, knot, glue, vitrify etc etc… Her paintings are very popular.

A few years ago she opened an art workshop in via Margutta and works here, the unaware heir of a great tradition: today she is the last artist to work in the famous street.