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Paolo Klavora aka Paolo Klavier, born in Udine 1958.

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, thirty years of experience in the field of visual arts, his artistic career can include several collective and personal exhibitions at a national and international level, among the most important to remember:

– Corsi Gallery in Milan – Scoleta San Zaccaria Venice

– Vatican Gallery “Della Pigna”

– “Athena” Gallery Catania

– Exhibition at the Kraft company showroom in Milan

– Exhibition at the Canelli wine shop in Piedmont

– Exhibition at Istanbul Art Center – Colloredo Castle of Monte Albano (Udine)

– Exhibition at the “Palazzo Elti” Civic Museums of Gemona del Friuli

– Exhibition in the “Ajace in Udine” room Inside the “Beauty in Constitution” symposium

– “Hall of the Green Eagles” exhibition Palazzolo Acreide (SR)

– Exhibition Archaeological Museum of Noto (SR)

– Works have been exhibited in galleries in London and Paris

Awards awarded:

– “San Zaccaria” painting prize at the XIII International Art Biennial of F.V.G.

– Special prize for painting from the province of Udine at the XIV International Art Biennial of F.V.G.

– Second prize with gold medal from the F.V.G. region at the 15th city of Udine competition

– First prize at the “Athena” competition in Catania

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