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Luisa Degli Specchi


Triangoli di specchio neutro e triangoli in vetro argento



Specchio “Venezia”

Contemporary mosaic decoration with neutral mirror, silver leaf, mother-of-pearl glass, pink and beige glass.



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Luisa Degli Specchi

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My real name is Luisa Verna. I am 45 years old and I graduated in foreign languages ​​and literature at the Sapienza University of Rome. Then I realized that although I loved teaching, my life was taking a different direction.

I remember a distant day, I was in middle school and in class we read a piece of fiction which then had to be commented on in class.

Now I couldn’t say who the author was, or what he was talking about, but I’m reminded of the protagonist who said that the days of his life were like little gray squares, all the same. I think the teacher noticed that I shook my head because it was such a sad way of looking at one’s life. The teacher. he said to me: “Luisa, how do you see the days of your life?” I replied: “Well, I see them coloured, I see many colored squares and all different!” And now, my days are like the tiles on my mirrors: some are beautiful, golden, red, with a great personality.

Others are a little dull, some irregular and capricious, they really don’t want to go to their place, with some I sometimes even hurt myself. But overall they are a work of art! Although it is a young company, Luisa Degli Specchi has had incredible growth, especially in recent times. Demand has really increased a lot and it can be said with certainty that LDS is now in a leading position in its market niche.

Only artistic mosaic mirrors are produced and there are more than 200 models to choose from! Furthermore, the artefacts are also custom-made by the artist. The works are all unique pieces, sold directly to customers and, also for this reason, the prices are very honest.