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Maria Grazia Minto

L’unico pianeta

Oil on Canvas



About the artist

Ballo in verde - 100 x 100 cm - Tecnica mista su tela - 3.400 €

Maria Grazia Minto

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Artistically she was born under the school of prof. Glaucus Benito Tiozzo; she graduated in 1977 from the Art School of Padua obtaining the qualification of Master of Arts.

At a very young age she won the First International Student Prize INA TOURING for the section in Florence painting and was awarded in the elegant Palazzo Strozzi in Florence.

She studies and deepens his knowledge of various expressive pictorial techniques; a passionate search and continues, taking tools from everything that allows her to express the desire to design and create.” Study and refine the fresco and fresco technique; technique that allows you to carry on canvas a pictorial work executed in Fresco, otherwise unshakable.

She studies and deepens the Trompe l’oeil technique (a technique in which the representation tends towards one concreteness such as to generate the illusion of reality); It also presents techniques such as painting on fabric, wood, glass, plays with the elements creating unique pieces and exclusive for the requests of interior designers and interior studios.

In her latest pictorial trend he presents delicate girls with a suspended and surprised gaze in one almost unreal dimension. It is in this moment of life that he feels the desire to draw on memories of childhood… And then the objects that had fascinated her so much as a child become nostalgic again lead her in a personal dialogue related to the environment; here is the forest with its atmospheres, spaces, infinite horizons and objects placed almost by chance, which become users of continuous new ideas: the beloved button box, the playing cards, the soap bubbles, the safety pins, the keys, the dice rests delicately around the delicate figures of his magical world. They are games of atmospheres nostalgic, symbols and messages to decrypt and translate.