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Maura Giussani

Via Propositura ad Anghiari

Oil On Canvas Table



Topolino in via Garibaldi n. 2

Oil on Canvas



Innocenti in piazza del Duomo

Oil on Canvas



500 A Santa Maria della Pieve

Oil on Canvas



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Maura Giussani

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She attended a course with master A. Marrone, from whom she received
learned the painting techniques that later stimulated her to
experiment with different subjects and styles.
In the two-year period 2013 – 14 he followed a drawing and nude course from
live and a live portrait course.
Her favorite subjects are, however, the study of lights and gods
reflected in all their manifestations.
She has participated in numerous collective and personal exhibitions on artistic sites –
cultural events of national importance and in recent years also in venues
abroad (France, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, New York, Poland,
Dubai) receiving great acclaim from critics and
collectors.“Play with realist painting to deal in a way
one of the most traditional themes is original: the landscape. If in fact,
apparently, the subjects of her works appear to be the
cars, these are instead just an excuse to play with reflections
of the cities it portrays. The subjects with the “fish” are, however, a
pretext to investigate the human soul through the events of life
leads us to face, a way of escaping from everyday life and its
conventions that society imposes on us, all always seen in key
Her works, among other publications, can also be seen on
catalog of SKIRA (Art in the time of Coronavirus) and of
Mondadori N°59