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Mitzi Simonetti
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Mitzi was Born in Rome where she lives and works.  She begins to paint in 2000, until that time she had experimented with other forms of art.

Self-taught, she deepens the technique in 2022 with Maestro Alessandro Marziano.

Painting becomes part of her work, integrating with her activity as a hotelier. In 2006, reported by Vittorio Sgarbi, she held her personal exhibition “Donne Fatali” promoted by IncontrArte curated by Maurizio Caprara and Francesco Libè in Piacenza at the La Casa dell’arte al Teatro – Palazzo Scotti di San Giorgio venue.

In Her work she seeks inner growth and favors a synthesis between body – mind – soul.

She chooses woman as the subject par excellence, not from a homoerotic perspective, but rather in her mature femininity sometimes annihilated by foolish male thoughts; it portrays its essence, nothing else.

A woman who slavishly searches and finds within herself the answer to the reason for her existence, for her being there.

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