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Nadia Giacomini

Senza orizzonte

Oil on Canvas



Riflessi sul lago una mattina d’inverno

Oil on Canvas



Riflessi sul lago all’imbrunire

Oil on Canvas




watercolour and egg tempera on Fabriano paper



Il sole, stanco di essere solo, chiese al cielo di fargli compagnia

Oil on Canvas



About the artist

NG_0039 Zefiro

Nadia Giacomini

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I live and work in Milan, but I was born and raised between Lake Garda and Boston in the U.S. My work
experiences have led me to travel between Australia, England, Japan, and different European countries, but
it was the Japanese culture for beauty and traditional crafts that captured me.
As art was becoming increasingly important for me, I started taking classes at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts
in Milan and the encounter with Tetsuro Shimizu, Professor in Painting Techniques, and renowned painter in
his own right, was fundamental to my artistic growth.
Through the years, I have acquired knowledge and experience in complex pictorial techniques by studying
the classic and modern masters. This, combined with a contemporary use of colour and composition have
allowed me an unparalleled freedom of expression which I convey on canvas or paper. The delicate, gradual
layering of pigments and paints produces rich, vibrant nuances, the essence of my poetics. Each piece is
totally unique starting from the handcrafted wooden frame to the priming of the canvas which I like to
prepare myself as it is an intrinsic part of the oeuvre.
The imagery in my art fluctuates between reality and imagination. It draws on memory leading to
improvisation where colour and atmosphere are the real protagonists of an evocative process that involves
the viewer.