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Nicola Rosetti


Acrylic on canvas



Ascolta mentre osservi

Mixed Media On Canvas



Occhio nel tempo

Mixed Media On Canvas



Reazione “Diptych”

Mixed Media On Canvas



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Nicola Rosetti

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My name is Nicola Rosetti, I was born on 4/11/1977 in Cesenatico, Forlì-Cesena, a wonderful seaside town with its intense history of art and located on the energetic east coast, the Romagna Riviera.

I have always been a revolutionary, alternative, counter-current character. At the age of 16, the principal of the middle-professional school I attended told my parents to direct me to the artistic high school, but due to family needs they sent me to work that same summer, thus abandoning any possibility of studying at the Institute of Art.

My creative process continues in different forms and circumstances as a self-taught person, at 22 years old with the birth of my first and only child, a stop to the external creative process, family, work, etc., led me to follow other paths, but which still helped to improve techniques, visions, perceptions, growing closer to the explosion of my creative process that took place in winter 2022, in an evening chat with my son, now 23 years old, where he simply asked me: “Ba? But your Art?! “, that simple question opened a door for me that I have no intention of opening ajar, from that question I continuously produce on canvases, furniture, cars, motorbikes, walls, confirming that the past twenty years have served for my creative process!.