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Olympia Dotti

L’amore non ha colore (Diptych)


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Femminilità ed eleganza floreale




Jappo gatto blu con kimono alla cerimonia del tè




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Olympia Dotti

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Olympia Dotti had her first Sthendall crisis at the age of seven in her hometown, where she still lives: ROME. She grew up in a creative, lively and multicultural environment: among the immense colored canvases of her painter uncle Renato Guttuso, Christo’s theatrical conceptual art installations and the charisma of her stylish and her adored actress aunt Audrey Hepburn. In Caput Mundi she remains indelibly fascinated by the priceless masterpieces, from Domenichino’s frescoes to Canova’s statue, kept in Aunt Paola’s ancestral palace.

Very young, already a polyglot, she travels insatiably for her art studies, between the UK, Switzerland and the USA, and allows herself to be contaminated by exotic popular cultures, which she expertly decodes and conceptually reworks. Combining the surreal-Dadaist idea of Nature which, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (NEW MEDIA ART), is expressed in the portraits of felines, flowers and iconic heroines, with the typographical abstractionism of Roy Lichtenstein, photography of Andy Warhol and fragmented of Tom Wesselmann’s collages, arriving at her own unmistakable style, which she herself defines as Conceptual Pop Art.

Shapes, colours, materials and objects are used and inserted meticulously everywhere, even in scenographic installations: precious heteroclite encrustations glitter, like pure gold. Following a stormy period she lost her “wings” and her artistic production evolved: from a devout and curious passion “to a masterful and salvific daily mantra”, a vibrant Parmenian restlessness, to redeem the freedom, at least mental, to travel drawing. Her works have been exhibited at various museums spaces and foundations in Italy and abroad. The artist has received international awards, such as the recent Homage Award to Pablo Picasso in Madrid in 2023.

Her motto is: “L’Art n’est pas un luxe, mais un besoin vital” by Henry Bergson.