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Ornella De Filippo


Mixed media & acrylic on canvas



Nonostante tutto l’amore

Mixed media & acrylic on canvas



Speranza metropolitana

Mixed media & acrylic on canvas



Taras – Scrigno meraviglioso

Mixed media & acrylic on canvas



About the artist


Ornella De Filippo

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The artist began decorating at the age of 19, but for over 22 years, aware of his great passion for art, over time he acquired new technical skills relating to the world of creativity and painting.

Technical diploma, as a community manager and degree in social service; works as a social worker for the Ministry of Justice, in the criminal enforcement sector.

She has never stopped fueling her passion for art and creativity, keeping herself constantly updated, thanks to participation in periodic sector events and collaboration with nationally renowned creatives in the sector, from whom she learned the use of techniques such as the application of gold leaf, the pictorial decoration, the glazing, the creation of stucco relief effects, with a spatula, the use of acrylic colours, pigments, resins, material and three-dimensional pastes…….

In her laboratory he also carries out glass engraving work with etching paste, customizing furnishing accessories, whether wood or glass, upon request. Create embossing effects with hot powders, as well as on cardboard and copper, with the bolino technique… She also participated in intensive furniture restyling courses and held decoration courses and collaborations at a national level, also with a view to the use of recycled material.

About eight years ago she started exhibiting his works, taking part in collective and personal exhibition events in Taranto and its province, also exhibiting on the national territory such as via Margutta, in Rome, during the summer of 2023 and in the historic center of Florence, the next April 2024 In her own laboratory he also creates, upon request, jewelery and invitations, and tickets for events.