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Lady day - Billie Holiday 100 x 100 cm acrilico su tela
Paolo Braccini

Paolo Braccini, aka Brac, trained in his hometown, Rome. From an early age he showed strong talents for pictorial art, attempting works that showed a direct interest in the works of the great masters.

He immediately made copies of great authors, revealing a strong sensitivity for tonal and luministic values. Traveling for training and work, he prefers cities of art, in particular Venice, which will arouse a particular fascination in him, helping to broaden his figurative horizons. Another fundamental theme of his research is that of music, inextricably linked to painting. Thus began the “Sign and Sound” project linked to the realistic portrait of the great “Masters of Jazz”.

It comes from the desire to give voice to what Brac defines as the “Middle Moment”, that is, the transitory phase of meeting between gesture and notes, in which inspiration opens the doors of the soul. Thus his realistic portraits come to life with attention to psychological characterization and the search for the decisive moment in everyone’s action.

The characters are immortalized in the moment of dialogue with themselves, taking the listener to the bottom of their world, orderly and disorderly. Appreciated by critics, the artist is present in catalogues, yearbooks and international magazines, among which noteworthy is his presence in the Atlas of Contemporary Art De Agostini, both in the market section and in the biography with careful reference to the works of the project “Sign and Sound”.

He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, also obtaining important awards. Among these is the participation in the European Pavilion, with the 58th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia.

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