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Paolo Tagliaferro

Equilibri sospesi

Oil on Canvas



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Paolo Tagliaferro

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I am Paolo Tagliaferro, I was born on 25 September 1981 in Lonigo, in the province of Vicenza.

From an early age I immediately became passionate about drawing and painting, also thanks to the teachings of my father, who has always had a passion for art and passed it down to me, and I began my artistic journey by making copies of artists, mainly of Caravaggio but also other 17th century painters. I attended the “A. Martini” State Art High School in Vicenza, obtaining my diploma in 2000, and then obtaining a degree in painting at the “G.B. Cignaroli” Academy of Fine Arts in Verona, in 2007.

During my studies at the Academy, I approached hyperrealism (a pictorial movement born in the United States in the 70s of the last century). My first experiments concerned the still life genre, and then expanded to portraits, portraits of animals, also proposing still lifes with ancient and modern toys.

My first painting exhibition dates back to the year 2000. After the beginning, with participation in painting competitions and exhibitions in the Vicenza area, thanks also to the appreciation of critics and gallery owners in Italy, I managed to exhibit at the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale in the winter between 2011 and 2012, organized by Vittorio Sgarbi in the various venues of the Italian capitals.

Among the most important collaborations I had was with a film company in Rome in 2011 which asked me to create the painting for the film “le stelle inquiete” which became the poster for the film and can be seen on my website. Since 2013 I have enriched my artistic and cultural experience with the teaching of hyperrealist painting in various Italian art workshops and in the city of Rome since the beginning of 2018 following my students.

During the rather intense experience in teaching the classical and hyperrealist painting technique, I decided to try to write a book in 2014, the “practical manual on hyperrealist painting” on still life, continuously updating it, and distributing it to my students who wish to deepen the technique. pictorial and from 2021 it is distributed through a national publishing house.

Recently after years of painting practice I had a small change in my production. Reflecting a lot during 2020 I have come to develop in my paintings a mix between reality and surrealism while remaining in my hyper-realist way of painting to create something that exists and that does not exist, and working on this inspiration, I would like to deepen this model of representation in my paintings , especially in the theme of toys and still lifes.

I am present in numerous catalogs of contemporary art exhibitions.