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Patricia del Monaco

Temptation – Genesys 2

Mixed Media On Canvas



Genesys 2 – From cycle tables of life

Mixed Media On Canvas



Medusa del ciclo history and mith

Acrylic And Oil On Canvas



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Patricia del Monaco

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Patricia del Monaco was born in Rome where she lives and works as a painter and poetess.

She graduated in naturopathy in Rome and later, she attended the mosaic School in Ravenna.

Her artistic journey begins with research and cultural and spiritual study on the customs and customs of ancient Aboriginal civilizations. Her experimentation leads her to travel, studying closely the ancient cultures and the various painting techniques. In Mexico, she learns the techniques for the preparation of the colors used by the Indios of the Yucatan Plateau.

It is the beginning of an intense personal search, of an artistic journey that will result in the definition of an original style, highly recognizable, which she defines as “primordial”.

She exhibited her first cycle of works dedicated to the theme of the Trees, at the Tafe-Perth Gallery in Australia.

On her return, she moves to Ravenna to study the mosaic and Byzantine art, exposing her works for Amnesty International at the Palace of the Province, and at the Salt Warehouses.

Between 2005 and 2008 he attends the school of the Master jaber Alwan, exposing her works, in the Master’s atelier.

In 2009, she participates in the Fine Art of Miami 23th edition with the cycle “Trees” dedicated to the beauty and spirituality of the Trees.

In 2010 she published her first book with the publishing House Albatros, “The Words of the Soul” (monographic collection of poems, with works), presented at the international exhibitions of the book of Rome, Turin, Frankfurt, London, Book Expo America.

In 2010, she attended the Japanese School of Ikebana, fundamental for the balance and harmony in the definition of shapes, and in the distribution of colors.

She exhibited in 2011 at the Louvre, with “Moods”, and in 2012 at the National Museum of Paris with the cycle dedicated to trees. Patricia del Monaco has entered the international art scene with three cycles of works: “Trees”, “Endometriosis”, “Sellers of love”. With the two cycles dedicated to Women, “Endometriosis” and “Sellers of love”, she was invited by Vittorio Sgarbi, at the 54th Venice Biennale.

In 2012, with the Association Amibec (Friends of Cultural Heritage) of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, participates in the exhibition “Four Seasons”, “Cosmocromie and Plasticisms” at the Monumental Complex of S. Andrea al Quirinale, with the exhibition “Eternal Flow ” at the Angelica Library of Rome

Taking part, in collaboration with the Acra Foundation, at the Contemporary Art Exhibition, at the Royal Palace of Milan.

With the cycle dedicated to the Trees, she was invited by William Etundi, founder of in New York, “The Story of the Creative” in the headquarters of the Angel Orengsanz Foundation, and subsequently to Seemetakeover in Times Square NY.

With the cycle dedicated to women, she participates in Miami at the International exhibition entitled Art Take Miami.

In 2013, she exhibites her works at the Hilton Palace in Dubai.

In April 2014, participates with an important personal exhibition “Similitude & Contrast”, at the Monumental Complex of the Victorian in Rome, with a new cycle of works entitled “The Garden of Rebirth” “, exhibited together with an important seventeenth-century manuscript, entitled Hortus Regius Honselaerdicensis, in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, and the Central National Library of Florence. The exhibition, curated by Sergio Risaliti, Maria Letizia Sebastiani, Andrea Romoli Barberini, Maria Cristina Bettini, in collaboration with Comunicare-organizating, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the National Central Library of Florence.

In 2014, she exhibited with “Six Artists for Research” at the Monumental Complex of S. Andrea at Quirinal in Rome.

In 2015, participates at the Cultural Institute in Amsterdam, with the Art Association “Dante’s House” of Florence.

Patricia del Monaco, is invited to participate in the Milan Expo 2015, in the China Pavilion, with the award for to expose the cycle of works “The Tables of life” in a traveling exhibition in China for all 2016, and with the exhibition in the Oriental Museum of Turin.

Chosed by the Scientific Committee of Mondadori, she was inserted between the International Artists on CAM (Catalog of Contemporary Art)