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Mixed Media On Canvas



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Man at Work! acrilico&oggetti, 50x70 h5, 2012


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“I have crossed infinite worlds, and without a compass I wandered among the stars, in the darkness of space, in the cold of galaxies. I was lost, broken, alone… Suddenly I glimpsed a new world, and I observed it: it was a dark, swirling, restless point, capable of capturing itself with magic and divine strength: matter, color, spirit, light.

Then I scrutinized it, sitting on the edge, and observed it beyond its horizon… Years; then suddenly it manifested its event, and my world changed. That black hole is my art, where space and time merge, to give life to the only Creator.” Environmental Engineer with an active and innate vocation for painting, he has been on the artistic scene as a Writer since ’95, a period during which he obtained the first authorized urban Street Art space from the Mayor of Avellino: the “Fantasia al Muro” project is dedicated to Aerosol Art and has received a national echo, reported by countless newspapers and publications in the sector, even beyond the border.

After a long period of secrecy and artistic inaction, collaborations are revealed, works follow one another, experiments explode and artistic/cultural activities promoted by private individuals and public administrations are consolidated over time. 2006 is the year in which Percopo begins the cycle of Works on canvas with the Work entitled “Manicomio”, a crucial stage for the painter’s artistic life: it is the first of a long series of Works thanks to which the artist condenses his journey by experiencing and describing street art and murals, painting, graphic and production design. Thus, their own conceptual scenographies come to life, firmly anchored to a figurative pop culture, capable of a unique and very personal artistic vocabulary. Some of his works are selected by galleries and acquired by private museums for prestigious events, including international ones.

There are also many recognitions, participations and prizes won by the Artist, elements that today make Percopo a growing presence in the world of contemporary painting.