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Pietro Spadafina

Anedonia della Matrix

Oil on Canvas



Maternità (PROMOTION PRICE) E. 1500

Oil on Canvas



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Pietro Spadafina

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My works are born from drawing practiced with eyes closed, the “Active Drawing”, theorized by me after years of research and published by Bastogi – 2007 in “The interpretation of the scabocchio”.

By eliminating hypnotic and manipulative images coming from outside, in the dark, concentrated, we can amplify the power of the imagination and activate the right hemisphere of the brain, usually very little used.
This is the magic of this type of drawing which, apparently like a scribble, hides symbols and flows of energy that collapse from consciousness onto the canvas.

The symbols, unconscious and archetypal, the shapes and energy flows are enhanced by the EM powder added in variable proportions to the colors that the drawing itself attracts.

My artistic history began with a degree in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin, then my passion for graphics and philosophical-esoteric research gave rise to a path that saw me as the protagonist of numerous collective exhibitions (among the most recent “I faces of Massimo Troisi”, Castel dell’Ovo, Naples, 2021. “Life in colours”, Museo Crocetti, Rome, 2023) and personal (“Modern art and peasant culture”, Museo del Grano – V. Sgarbi, Cerignola, 2000 “The dream of the tomato tree”, Teatro Eliseo, Rome, 2009), as well as international fairs: Art 12’81 – Basel 1981, San Francisco – Cal, 1981, Expo Arte – Bari, 1981, Art Expo – NY, 1982.

I have received awards and recognition from the specialized and non-specialist press, in Italy and abroad.
While my research continued, I held Active Drawing courses for personal growth and also from a therapeutic point of view.
I transferred my research and metaphysical experience into a fictional form in “The Magpie Man” and “The Price of the Omen” – Robin Edizioni, Rome, 2006/2007.

Today I live in the Apulian countryside and Nature has become the main source for reading the laws that govern Man and which are still hidden in him, as in the tangled plots of drawings, like a great power waiting to express itself and be known.
I think that Art is a brilliant tool for tapping into the divinity that is within each of us.
(Pietro Spadafina)