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Rosella Giorgetti



Acrylic on canvas



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Rosella Giorgetti

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Rosella Giorgetti was born on January 22, 1965 in Torre San Patrizio (FE), when she was very young she began to show growing interest in the color scheme and the idealization of shapes.

In 1989, eager to learn the fundamentals of oil painting, she relied on the teachings of Maestro Mauro D’Ottavi and in 1990, she was awarded the “La Conchiglia” prize, winning with the unanimous approval of both the public and the jury.

In the following years, experimentation with new techniques (Oil and Spatula).

In 2020 she discovers and is fascinated by the use of acrylic, she continues today to always think beyond the brushstroke.

Her paintings express emotions in colors, which may appear disruptive to the eye, but which, upon closer observation, conceal, suddenly revealing them, images and shapes that move in synchrony between the explosions of shades and originals. applications that the artist likes to spread on the canvas.