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Silvia Zambon

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Mixed Media On Canvas



The sound of life

Mixed Media On Canvas



The sound of freedom

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Mixed Media On Canvas


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Mixed Media On Canvas


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Mixed Media On Canvas



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Silvia Zambon

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Born in Venice where she completed her artistic studies, graduating from the Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts in the Painting section under the guidance of the masters Carmelo Zotti and Ennio Finzi.

She paints for passion and for work; she teaches drawing and painting and is a furniture decorator; passionate about both figurative art and all contemporary trends and present in the Italian artistic panorama, participating in exhibitions and art fairs since 2013 “Impetuous, atmospheric, rich in contrasts.

Made of shadows and lights, gestures and matter. The work of the Venetian artist Silvia Zambon feeds on impressions and sensations, translating the panic power of nature, beautiful and implacable, into images.

Giving it life in sign and color. An all-encompassing and internalized art, which before our eyes seems to break through the surface, overflow the edges of the canvas to become a perfect synthesis of space and time.

The pictorial gesture and the luminous rendering contribute to creating a vivid impression of dynamism, incessant and swirling. And in its manifestation in informal abstraction, the work speaks the intimate language of our memories and our emotions.”

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