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Stefania Comaschi

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Stefania Comaschi was born in Lodi in 1960. Fifteen years ago she discovered painting as a means of expression and embarked on a path that led her to enter, with Momyart’s pictorial works, in numerous private collections and to collaborate with different realities.

The choice to take the path of art corresponds to that of opening up to life with a more conscious and positive approach. Color then becomes the main expressive channel of inner feelings and visions and is conceived by the artist as a primary element, like air, water, fire and earth. Stefania’s paintings express all the energy of nature, of a special encounter or of music, exerting on the soul of the observer the immediate sensation of a particular state of mind.

Painting allows the artist to freely express the sensations evoked by some particular moments of life, linked not only to his own vision of the world, to nature with its infinite variations or to the meeting of similar souls, but also to the ability to perceive the specific vibration that differentiates everything.

In this way the representation of each place, person or emotion will have as a pictorial result a specific association of colors and shapes that intertwine on the canvas.

Momyart has collaborated with numerous realities throughout Italy, entering different contexts to create dialogues between different creative forms. The artist’s paintings have become part of many private collections and have been chosen for meetings and conferences of national importance, happenings and inaugurations of spaces and creative workshops.

The goal is to deepen the connections between different artistic geniuses, each with its own goals and personal style. In 2016, the artist’s canvases accompanied the intervention of the author Erik Wahl on the occasion of the World Business Forum.

In 2019 he participates in four exhibitions in Milan, at Chie Art Gallery and Spazio Porpora. In the same year he exhibited at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in London and brought his work Galassia to Paris, at the Carousel du Louvre with the project I love Italy followed by the art curator Francesca Callipari. From 22 June to 12 July 2019 it is on display at the Manzù Museum in Bergamo.

• Candidata Primo Premio David
di Donatello per le Arti Visive 2020
• Milano, Chia Art Gallery
• Milano, Spazio Porpora
• Milano – Fuori Salone – Arte e Design
• London On Tour – Menzione artistica
• Parigi – Carrousel Du Louvre
Progetto ILOVE Italy
• Viganò Brianza (LC), Base Zero
• Alassio (SV), Spazio Porpora
• Montecarlo, Grand Hotel De Paris
Oscar della Creatività
Primo Gran Premio dell’Arte
• Bergamo, Museo Giacomo Manzù
• Milano, PAC
Asta Il Volo battuta da Sotheby’s
• Bologna, Galleria Farini – Progetto ILOVE Italy