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Stefania Raso

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RASO STEFANIA, born in Taranto, graduated in DISCIPLINES OF ARTS, MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT with full marks. He began his first work experiences in Taranto, creating the logo for the “Il Caffè dell’automobile” bar. The most significant experiences are related to the collaboration and realization of the sets for the “FESTIVAL DELLA MAGNA GRECIA” for the ballet “ZORBA IL GRECO” with Raffaele Paganini and the “RECITAL” of Milva. He also collaborates with: the design and realization of the sets for the comedy “Gli d’amore” by C. Goldoni and “Arsenico and old lace” at the ORFEO Theater in Taranto, the sets for the brilliant comedy by Aldo De Benedetti “Thirty seconds of love ”On the occasion of the“ Enzo di Pisa ”National Festival in Casteltermini (AG), president of the Michele Guardì prize. Art teacher in middle school, he dedicates himself to scenography workshops and illustration competitions with his students, receiving prizes and mentions. Over the years he has obtained a 1st level Master and three Postgraduate courses in the Artistic area.
Particularly interested in acrylic painting and inspired by POP ART, she dedicates herself to the search for a style of her own through shapes with sinuous lines and bright and bright colors.