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Stefano Corazziari


Oil and gold leaves on canvas



Childood of the early men

Acrylic And Oil On Canvas



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Stefano Corazziari

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Stefano Corazziari was born in Rome, Italy in 1973 in a family with artistic tradition. It was the same family, however, that prevented him from undertaking the studies and artistic career that had already belonged to his predecessors.

Uprooted from what he felt deeply his, Stefano leads a difficult life, far from his heart that inexorably, after so much research will bring him back to his greatest passion: art.

Fundamental to rediscover the lost road was the encounter with Buddhism and yoga, philosophies that have returned to the artist love for himself and for life.


Stefano Corazziari is a newcomer: he appeared for the first time in the art world in 2023. In his first and only year as an artist he has already participated with his works in five important exhibitions:

Florence, Italy.

Palazzo Ximenez Panciatichi

Premio Michelangelo.

Vienna, Austria.

Steiner Gallery.

Vienna Contemporary Art Prize.

Mardid, Spain.

Gallery Captaloona Art.

Pablo Picasso Contemporary Art Award.

Zurich, Switzerland.


Artbox Project Zurich 5.

Sanremo, Italy.

Teatro Ariston

Contemporary Art Biennale of Sanremo,

Grand Prize of the Artistic Press.

In addition, the works of Stefano Corazziari have been selected to participate in the event of:

Brera, Milan, Italy.

Galleria Battaglia.

Artists of Europe Award


Stefano Corazziari adheres to the planetary movement called New Renaissance.

The fulcrum of the New Renaissance is the Human Revolution, that interior process that can open and revitalize the life of each person to enable him to express his maximum potential.

Through Buddhist practice and yoga Stefano has found love for himself and for his passion – art – and is revolutionizing his life.

Crucial in the life of the artist is the mystical experience that gives access to a broader and deeper vision of the human experience generating inspiration.

Central to Stefano Corazziari’s poetics are the mystery of the origin of life and the mystery of the human existential condition as well as the mystery of cosmic existence.

In the artist’s works there is always a tension between what is physical and real and what is indefinable, otherworldly or fantastic. There is always a mutual interpenetration between the individual and the environment where the landscape in which the subject of the work is located is never a background but an inner reality. 

Woman, man, light, nature, atmospheric and cosmic elements assume a mythical, symbolic and existential value in the hands of the artist.

The author has decided to name this first phase of his artistic production: Metaphysical Eroticism, an oxymoron aimed at expressing the indissoluble bond between spiritual and material that the mind tries in vain to decipher.

An oxymoron or paradox that reveals at the same time the complexity of existence and its indecipherability from a logical perspective and a total permeability to meditative observation. Where in meditation every contradiction and darkness are revealed as integral parts of a whole that is light, love and gratitude.