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Color fluids synthetic enamels on canvas 60x90 cm 2021
Stefano Rezza
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Passionate about art since adolescence, he undertakes an intense and continuous career
artistic activity only in recent years.

Equipped with a great descriptive ability and strong propensity for
experimentation, he immediately starts a personal research which has as its reference,
but above all as a goal, spiritual freedom as well as expressive freedom.

He is an artist of scathing relevance, a lover of bold tones and unusual shapes
capable of grasping the essence of things.

In a certain sense he jokes with art, contrasts measure and excess, order and
disorder, rationality and unconscious impulses to reach acceptance without drama
the presence in each of us of a dark side and a mystery that we could not
never penetrate, using at the same time, the artistic tool for
recover dignity and intellectual honesty in order to redeem what is for him
the primary value is freedom.

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