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Octopus (Sold)

Mixed media & resin on aluminum



Elastic woman

Mixed media print & acrylic on aluminum



Nadia’s flight

Mixed media print & acrylic on aluminum



Toledo underground (Sold)

Mixed media print & acrylic on aluminum


Request info


Mixed media print & acrylic on aluminum



O Rey

Mixed media print & acrylic on aluminum



Saman… never again

Mixed media print & acrylic on aluminum




Mixed media print & acrylic on aluminum




Mixed media print & acrylic on aluminum



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Massimo De Giovanni aka Strike was born in Florence in December 1967. From an early age he showed interest in the world of art also because he was the son of a collector who later became a publisher and gallery owner. He then traveled to all the most important national and international trade fairs in the sector in the 80s and early 90s, also exhibiting his first creations in some group exhibitions in Rome under the pseudonym Max.

In 93 his life took a turning point and his artistic and entrepreneurial nature come together to create what he considers to be his greatest installation…the disused former Italian presidential plane from the 1960s is purchased and placed in a 7 meter high glass case, giving life to what Vanity Fair magazine has included in the list of the 10 most original venues in the world! A place which during the opening phase received an unexpected visit from star architect Richard Rogers (creator with Renzo Piano of the Pompidou center in Paris ed.) who congratulated him after taking some photos.

In 1998 he created a character who commented on current affairs news in cartoons and after sending some drafts to the major national newspapers trying to replace Forattini who had left Repubblica in protest, he was actually hired by the director of Tempo di Roma Gianpaolo Cresci where he did his debut as a cartoonist. His cartoons dedicated to the Clinton Levinski case were particularly appreciated, while various cartoons on the scandal of pedophile priests were discarded and damaged the relationship with the newspaper’s management. He publishes his first and last book entitled “dear mare I’m writing to you” in which, posing as a woman online, He collects over a thousand emails from men who wanted to conquer her…

He also tries his hand at design, creating some objects including the Petable, a beautiful plexiglass table that houses two bowls for the dog. With the advent of technology he began to try his hand at digital art and crypto art, combining it with traditional art and photography. His works often draw inspiration from images and moments that are part of collective memory, he shapes and reinterprets them with his own very personal style. After creating the digital work, he intervenes on small details with acrylics to further characterize the work and make each creation unique.

In 2024 he began clandestinely to project his works with his tablet in the most important places and museums. For example, his digital works were admired by visitors to Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti in Florence in January and he intends to carry out other surprise screenings, certain that in the future his works will be exhibited in museums in an official manner!