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Tatiana Morbidi

La Verità

Oil on Canvas



Notturno viola (sold)

Acrylic on canvas


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Tatiana Morbidi

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I was born in Terni in 1980 and I carry with me the tireless optimism of the 80s.

My artistic training is essentially self-taught; I started with the pencil portrait, and then let myself be conquered by: acrylic colours, spatulas and brushes. The meeting with other painters and the desire to deepen techniques and styles led me to a brief experience in an art workshop, to then continue independently, leaving open the comparison and collaboration with other artists.

The look down period was a fundamental push in deciding to dedicate myself full time to a path of growth and personal research based on artistic expression and to abandon the modesty of showing my works. I work with acrylic colours, mainly with a mixed technique of spatula and brush, with frequent incursions of material details. I experience art as a path of evolution, introspection and sharing of emotions.

In my works I try to create a balance that heals and caresses the soul; poems on canvas with a modern language. A space suspended from time, which leaves the observer free to recognize himself.