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Valentina Angeli

Dentro al buio

Oil on Canvas



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Valentina Angeli

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Valentina Angeli was born in 1957 in the Perugia Province. She moves to Terni where she earns her high school diploma in classical subjects. She then finishes her studies with a Political Science degree at the University of Perugia.

For several years she does entrepreneurial work in the data processing field, leaving little space to her artistic passion, nonetheless expressed through artisanal work – pottery decoration, mural decoration, antique furniture restoration – that brings her to acquire a practice of doing, made of sensibility towards history and respect of materials. The first encounter with painting happens at Master Mario Chiocchia’s School of Terni, where she studies and confronts herself whit the History of Arts, achieving a style that in a short time brings her to decide to give painting her full attention.

Thus begins an artistic journey that sees her increasingly more present at major national events and, thanks to the support of critic and artist Pino Bonanno, she also receives ample public and critics approval at numerous international events. Despite the self-awareness and recognition obtained, the ability to confront herself with other artists and cultural operators, met over the most recent years, takes her profoundly figurative painting towards new and unexpected dimensions.