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Vittorio Emanuele
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Vittorio Emanuele was born in Lentini in 1959 and began painting at a very young age.

He began his training at the Brera Art School and continued his study of the theory of vision and chromatic scales with master Alvaro Monnini.

He also followed painting and figurative art courses with the painter Micol De Palma and studied at the Castello Sforzesco School of Art in Milan under the guidance of master Luigi Timoncini.

He continues his training with courses on 20th century Italian engraving at the Catholic University of Milan with Professor Paolo Bellini, as well as with international chalcography courses at the Raffaello Academy of Urbino.

Emanuele’s paintings are mainly oils with a romantic flavour, with subjects ranging from vases of flowers, poppies, roses and irises in Caravaggio style, to girls playing, still lifes with colored fruits, dilapidated buildings, female nudes and Baroque-style altars Sicilian highlighted by lemons with falling leaves.

His still lifes are not just portraits of objects but rather a conceptual and visual thought process accompanied by modern techniques that closely resemble photographic reproduction.


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