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White shark – Franco Ferragatta

Nuovo mondo

Acrylic on canvas



About the artist

Franco, Ferragatta, Pittura, 60X40, acrilico su tela, Paesaggio Caleidoscopico

White shark – Franco Ferragatta

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Born in Vercelli on 13 August 1969, where he still lives, when he is not around for work. His training is scientific, therefore artistically, on a pictorial level he is completely self-taught.

His love for art, archaeology, journalism and music was born in his youth and led him to also try the adventure of painting. He is president of Futur’arte, an association of artists, not just painters, which he founded and directed, well before he started picking up paintbrushes.

The passion for figurative art was born in scientific high school, during the hours of ornate drawing, and then died out, until 11 August 2016, when one of the members of Futur’arte gave him his disused materials for painting (an old easel table top, “spelacchio” model brushes and some semi-used or dried tubes) and the adventure begins, starting with materials on offer at the supermarket. His art oscillates between a modern futuristic naif, which draws inspiration from places of memory and the most intimate emotions, to more informal works.

All his works are permeated by a style aimed at experimentation, free from any formal or imitative constraints, which follows the uncontrollable impulses of the depths of the soul. “A critic once asked me which painter or current inspires me”. “No one, then perhaps I will discover through your reviews that I recall some artists or art movements modern.”

Numerous collective exhibitions are intimately linked to the activity of the Futur’arte Association, which he currently still directs. As regards the commercial part, it uses exclusively professional gallery owners.