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Azia Sammartano
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My basic education and degree are not strictly related to the art moment.

On an artistic level I am mostly a self-taught scholar, I have attended courses over the years for drawing, collage, painting and in particular a course in glass painting and glass mosaic.

My specialization for which I obtained a specialist degree is in human communication and language, I also have various master’s degrees including those in neuroscience and neuropsychology. I continue to train with various courses with dedication, love and consistency; aspects that are the result of meticulous research into the human soul, cerebral synchronicity and also intra- and interpersonal well-being.

I also graduated from SNIT (national school of theatrical improvisation) in 2019 and I still continue my activity in the Quinta Tinta company in Turin. As far as exhibitions and events are concerned, I never held any until 2023, the art was not ripe to show itself to the public and the honesty of the soul comes first. Now, strengthened by a new awareness, I have chosen and I am here ready to give to anyone who wants a piece of my heart and soul which are present in every single one of my productions.

Whoever takes one, I will have a part of me next to me, to protect, to love, to respect and to remember that we are all united and always together, parts of the same dust of the universe. To you, user, my love, my steps, my sufferings, my awareness and my emotions.

Take care of them, just as you take care of yourself!

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