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Mixed Media with resued material on Amalfi 's paper
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Artworks, Painting, Azia Sammartano, Mixed Media with resued material on Amalfi 's paper

Deriving from the Latin Epa and even before that from the Greek in the meaning of ‘liver’, it is often associated with figurative meanings of emotion and instinct in clear contrast to the head which is a representation of rationality. For centuries women have been their ‘belly’, often with the most negative meanings and consequences possible. They were A BELLY without a human being around, an instrument, a means. Today we know that it is in the belly that the well-being of the entire organism is regulated. So my women, let’s do with our bellies what makes us feel better. Don’t listen to social pressure, don’t listen to those who tell you that one day you will change your mind, that you don’t understand now, that it’s not good for you to be discovered, that you don’t have to cover it up so much, that it’s better this way because it’s always been that way, that whoever is who arrived before you knows how to do it better. In short, create the worlds you want, how you want them and why you want them. Cut the knots that bind you, don’t please others by forgetting about yourself, do it for you, for us, for everyone.


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