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Domenico Pisilli

Echo di Picasso

Acrylic on canvas



I valori non hanno prezzo

Acrylic on canvas



Privo di spine (Sold)

Mixed media & acrylic on canvas


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Sogni infranti

Mixed media & acrylic on canvas



About the artist

PARIGI - 50X70

Domenico Pisilli

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Domenico Pisilli is an artist born in 2000 who grew up in Milan, with origins from southern Italy. Producing abstract works of art, over the last year, the artist has sold over 40 works of art in: France, Italy, Germany, Spain and England. The artist’s works are exhibited at the Milan gallery in Porta Vittoria and in the center of Milan in via Torino n. 64.

In 2023 she held two live art exhibitions, thus demonstrating her continued desire to explore and share her art and love for her with the public.

For Pisilli, art was a vital way of communication: after a difficult period in his life, he found in abstract art the means to express his emotions and free himself from his mental cage. Since then, painting has become a way for him to connect with the world and to convey his inner experiences in a unique and powerful way.

With a passion for expanding his artistic experiences and an unwavering dedication to his craft, Domenico Pisilli continues to make his mark in the world of contemporary art with his vibrant and meaningful abstract creations.